A Taste of Redemption, and Other Crap

November 13, 2010

Clearly, the internet gods have a problem with me. After twelve days at the repair shop, and a new hard-drive, my laptop is still spontaneously shutting down. And guess what else? A certain German Shorthaired Pointer gnawed through the power cord.

Man I love that dog.

I swiped Jared's laptop while he's busy getting ready for work, but this will last approximately four minutes before he catches me and craps on me, because, "Oh my gosh, Amy (said in the whiniest tone you can imagine)!!! I hate it when you sign into your Google account on my computer (said even whinier)!!!"

Personally, I hate it when children in third world countries are rendered homeless due to war--but you know, those little things that drive us bonkers, they're different for everyone!

In happier news, I tasted a little bit of redemption on the running front. I ran a 5k on Veteran's Day with the goal of 21:30. I came in at 21:33, which I consider close enough. A friend from my running club paced me and kept me going with a combination of motivational phrases and creative curse words. Things like, "C'mon, let's pass that girl, she's got worse form than you do!" and "Alright, let's ramp it up and power past this @#$% wearing the #$%^&* smurf pants."

It was an ugly three miles--I was sucking wind enough to make a scene, and my only clean running clothes were in varying shades of pink. I'm not so good at keeping track of personal records, but high school aside, I think that's a new PR. Seriously, I'm thrilled. Three miles of success is so much more fun than twenty-six miles of craptastitude. I really do think I'll stick with the short stuff for a while. Maybe.

And other than that, I've got to ask...has anyone here seen those little pancake sausage ball things at Dunkin' Donuts? I really want a three pack.

Happy Saturday!


Karen said...

I'm heading to Dunkin's right now. Want me to pick you up some?

Pam said...


Impressive. Seriously impressive.

K said...

That is an awesome time!! I would have shat myself if I ran that fast.

Shelby Lou said...

Girl you are running like a 6 minute mile. CRAZY. You never fail to make me laugh.

"Next thing I know, I'm peerin' my head out the washing machine behind the dunky donuts by the private airport."
SNL skit, Justin Timberlake @ Target.

Watch it, and laugh.

Mindy said...

Yeah, you hauled ass! Nice job... maybe someday I'll be as speedy as you are. ;)

Team O'Connor said...

21 minutes?! I ran a 5k last weekend too...in uh, 27 minutes... I WAS slightly close to being happy with myself since I did come in before all of the other girls who were furiously mall walking, but now I will be humbled and awed. Good job!

Michemily said...

You are my hero. I just introduced two new readers to your blog. How many does that make total? Like 20? Yes!

funderson said...

Well done, Speedy Pants!