The Happy New Year Post

December 31, 2010

Given the fact that it's the end of the year, the end of a decade, and the end of a great run through my twenties, I feel like I should do some kind of 'Year in Review' post. But man, that sounds like a heck of a lot of heavy memory-wracking and picture finding, doesn't it?

So, instead of all that clicking around, I'll give you the quick version--the first seven or ten things that pop into my head:

1. Maggie was a tiny baby at the beginning of the year, and now she's walking around getting all attitudinal about things. She has some hair, but not enough for piggy tails just yet. I hope that happens in 2011. Let's go ahead and officially mark that as 2011 Resolution #1: GET MAGGIE SOME PIG TAILS. She started part-time daycare and in August and seems to be having fun. From what I've seen, she likes to swap binkies with the other little girls and whip Barbies around by their hair.

2. James lost four teeth and pretty much all of the curl in his hair. I don't know where it's coming from, but he's a fluent reader--things like, "Hey Mom, the cook book says you're supposed to separate the egg and whisk it all together 'til it's fluffy. You're just mushing it up." He played soccer, he's getting ready to hit the slopes, he's made lots of new friends in Kindergarten, and he thinks he's a black belt ninja. Which brings me to 2011 Resolution #2: CONTINUE TO MAKE JAMES THINK HE'S A MARITAL ARTS MASTER WITHOUT EVER ACTUALLY SIGNING HIM UP FOR KARATE.

3. I was lucky enough to gain a niece and two more nephews this year, which brings the running total to ten. My newest nephew Andrew is four days old. I can't wait to hold that little bugger!

4. I'm working the same job, which is always a good, good thing.

5. Jared's office is pushing along, growing like we want it to. Lots of physician referrals, lots of success stories. There have been some pretty uncomfortable growing pains during the fourth quarter, which is normal and expected, but not totally fun. So I'd have to say that 2011 Resolution #3 goes like this: LOVE THE MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES SO MUCH THAT THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LOVE US BACK. Jared's awesome at what he does, and I'm probably the proudest wife on the block.

6. We have a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. I hate him. So 2011 Resolution #4 says: BOTTLE UP THE DOG HATRED. NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW.

7. Jared and I are still married! 2011 Resolution #5: STAY MARRIED TO JARED.

8. I ran two half marathons and two marathons by the time Maggie turned one. I'm proud of that. I'm not sure what next year's running goal will be. Let's say 2011 Resolution #6: KEEP ON RUNNING. HAVE FUN WITH IT. TRY SOMETHING NEW AND MAKE ANOTHER NEW RUNNING FRIEND. I made a few awesome running pals in 2010, and they were far and away the highlight!

9. My bathroom was still ugly in 2010. So 2011 Resolution #7: PAINT THE UGLY BATHROOM...MAYBE...IF I FEEL LIKE IT.

10. And finally, I had the best Christmas ever, getting together with the cousins I love dearly, but don't see nearly enough of. We laughed until the farts were popping out like gumballs. So Resolution #7, which is the most serious of the bunch, goes like this: KEEP IN TOUCH WITH MY COUSINS, VISIT OLD FRIENDS, POP DOWN TO CONNECTICUT FOR NO REASON, HUG MY AUNTS AND UNCLES MORE OFTEN.

All in all, I had a great year and I had a great decade. My twenties didn't come without challenges, but they brought me more than I ever could have imagined. I'm thrilled to be facing a new year.

I know that some of you reading this post had a terrible 2010--the worst of the worst of the worst. If that's you, I wish you nothing but peace, happiness, and perseverance in 2011. I hope each and every one of our lives travels in an upward trend this coming year.

Happy New Year!


Mel said...

I'm using you (and Katy) as my running inspiration for 2011. I want to do a 5k and signed up for the Warrior Dash (and obstacle course style "fun" run).

I hate running but I'm going to try and at least hate it less in 2011. The elliptical machine an only get me so far!

Michemily said...

Yeah, I think my 2010 was pretty lame, so I won't make you suffer in detailing them. But happy new year! Here's to 2011!

Pam said...

Happy new year, Amy!

Lindsey said...

Please please please sign the boy up for Karate classes. Otherwise, he will end up an outtake on the 1st season of, "So you think you can do Martial Arts?" Okay? Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

2011 is going to be awesome. I know it. It has to be after how much 2009 and 2010 sucked. =)

Great goals, too, Amy.

I'm buckling down to get super serious with running. What's on your calendar?

Grandma said...

Happy New Year Amy! 1/1/11