Don't Wake the German Shorthaired Pointer

January 5, 2010

When it comes to mothering, I've never been a DON'T WAKE THE BABY!!! kind of girl. If someone decides to ring the doorbell, or call the house phone, or let me know in a ridiculously annoyed tone that I should have ironed his work shirts during nap time, so be it. If the yearly urge to vacuum the stairs comes to me once the baby's down for the night, I whip out the Hoover with no hesitation.

I'll freely admit that I'm not afraid of waking my kids. Probably because they're pretty good sleepers, and when they're awake I'm a moderately neglectful mom. Trust me, when your kid spends 90% of her waking hours in a high chair with a mountain of Goldfish on the tray it kind of eases things up. Try it. Really.

But I'll tell you, as hard as I try, I just can't relax around this dog:

I'll let you guess which one.

If he's not eating my potato peeler, he's pooping out a baby sock. If he's not stuck between the couch and the wall, he's doing laps around the house with a cereal box stuck on his head. He eats tampons. He shreds diapers. He eats the shoes right off Maggie's feet.

Right now, I swear on all things powerful, he just trotted through the dining room holding my casserole dish in his mouth.

So let me tell you, I completely relish the moments when Coach is sleeping. Seriously, if you wake him up from his nap, I'll kill you.

Happy Wednesday!


Pam said...

Jut wook at that widdle face...him wooks so innocent...

Eric said...

Great picture! Ironically our German Shorthair is the polar opposite of yours. She's mostly calm till she sees a Greyhound, then she goes crazy!!!

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Michemily said...

Pooping out baby socks?

Katie said...

Our german shorthair is turning a year old next week and I can definitely relate! My saying with him is "don't make eye contact!". If he's happy chewing his bone or dozing and he sees me looking at him, he immediately runs over with a toy and wants to play. We've also taken to letting him get on the couch because he'll usually fall asleep. Having a hairy couch is better than dealing with him most of the time.
Also- the socks! It was almost impossible for a while to put socks and shoes on in his presence and even once their on he runs around attacking my feet!

Karen said...

We had a yellow lab like that once. Thank God the kids were teenagers and would run her into exhaustion.

Melissa said...

I've always said that having a dog is too much like having a child because they require so much. You've just confirmed my philosophy!