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January 25, 2011

I'm a really bad blogger. Probably one of the worst I've ever come across.

Good writer? I guess so.

Good blogger? Absolutely not.

I rarely comment back to my commenters, I'm not so good at commenting on other blogs, I don't share a lot of links, and I have no idea what a 'blog carnival' is supposed to be. I don't troll the internet for new readers, I don't have a button, I'm just a complete under-achiever in this blogging game.

But the one thing I'm really proud of, is the fact that this blog is still here. So far, I haven't fallen victim to the whole 'vanishing blog syndrome' that snatches my favorite characters away all too often. And really, that's pretty much my only goal--keep doing it. Because I like to do it.

If you're offended by my severe lack of blogging etiquette, I really am sorry. But if you're offended by my seriously immature humor, I'm not sorry. You'll have to get used to it, because I bet you anything, that there will be all kinds of great quotes recited at my funeral that I'm tentatively scheduling for 2085.

Anyhoo, I do read blogs. Actually, I love to read blogs. In no particular order, here are ten of my favorites. You should probably read them all:

Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen -- I'm lucky enough to know Brianne in real life, and I'm even luckier than I've gotten to eat some of her kitchen amazingness. She can photograph a cupcake like no-one else, and I regularly find myself leaving comments on her facebook page that say things like, "How do you not weigh 800 pounds?" Thanks to her ridiculously cute baby, she's been light on her blogging lately, but if you sift through her archives, you'll drool yourself to sleep.

Life Begins at Thirty -- I just love Pam. She runs, she has a couple of dogs, and she takes vacations that I'm jealous of. I feel like I know her, even though I totally don't. Maybe someday!

Fast Punx -- Another running blog. This guy is actually married to Brianne from Sweet Cheeks in the Kitchen. He qualified for Boston last fall and has 85,000 tattoos. I think he even has a tuba tattooed on his back--I don't know, he runs too fast for me to tell.

Runner Belle -- Another real life Boston blogger. I really wish this girl was my neighbor. We have similar running styles and I hope I can get to her level in the next couple of years.

Then She Made... -- A crafty blog. Amy is one of my favorite people in the universe and her projects are just really stinking cute. If you're crafty, you really have to check her out.

Honey Rock Dawn -- Some random girl who lives in Wyoming with a coyote, a goose, some cattle, and I don't know what else. She has this wicked hot cowboy boyfriend and I want to touch his butt.

Carrots n' Cake -- The last thing this girl needs is another link. She a bazillion readers already. I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to this blog, especially since I don't like pugs. All I know is this: Her blog is like crack cocaine. The first time I read it I said to myself, "Not gonna do that again!" And now I find myself always clicking for more.

Easy as ABC -- If Caitlin and Adam aren't the cutest couple in the history of the planet, then paint me red and roll me in some feathers. They're a college-aged married couple and I completely love them. Their little, tiny apartment and their HUGE haul of wedding gifts reminds me so much of my marriage to Jared in the early years. Someday, when they have a baby, I'm sure I'll send them a cute little gifty from Etsy...even though we've never met.

Reagan's Blob -- Okay. Reagan's blob will simultaneously make you laugh, cry, hug your kids, want to be a better person, lose twenty pounds, and put on some make-up. Oh yeah, and move to New York. You absolutely have to click on that link and get to know Piper Jane--she's probably the specialist little girl on the face of the earth.

Georgia Snail -- A nice, southern gentleman who likes to run at a nice, leisurely pace. One of his favorite words is 'asshattery,' which automatically makes him one of my favorite people on the internet. Please, please, please read his January 19th post. Seriously, January 19th. Do it. For real. And click on his link. Seriously.

Now Don't Get Me Sarted -- Okay fine. Eleven links. This one goes out to my A #1 commenter, Karen. If you want a New Englander's view on this wintry weather, click on Karen. But I'll give you a preview--she thinks you're all a bunch of wimps.

Happy procrastination!


Cheryl said...

I love Reagan's blob, too, and sweet little Piper Jane! And I have to admit to being one of those vanishing blog bloggers. I realized I didn't have anything interesting to say when I hadn't written anything on it in over a year.

Ian said...

So... Georgia Snail's blog doesn't have a January 18th post. I was going to read the post on the day closest to the 18th but there is one on the 17th and one on the 19th which means I'd have to read two posts and that sounds like a lot of reading.

Anonymous said...

Ooo, great list, Amy! I look forward to checking them all out! I love the one you posted earlier, Hyperbole and a Half. I nearly ruined my laptop with spewed coffee. Luckily, I'm going to be getting a new one soon... =)

paige said...

you'd make my top 10...

Caitlin said...

You just made my day, Amy! Well, let's be honest. You totally made my week.

Your blog never fails to make me laugh and is actually the only one that Adam reads regularly. Yep, that is including mine.

In fact, he mentioned how awesome you were at dinner last night. He read an article about how Mormons are infinitely better at teaching faith to their children than Catholics. So we were talking about how lazy us Catholics are and Adam was all like "but, Amy Lawson is awesome - she's got two kids, works part-time, runs freaking marathons AND wakes up early every morning to teach seminary."

So, basically, you should feel pretty good about yourself!

MommyJ said...

I was just thinking about how I wanted some new blogs to read, but I really, really didn't want to do the work required to find the good ones. And now you've saved me the trouble! I'm happily checking them all out now...

GeorgiaSnail said...

Thanks so much for the link! You made our week!

Thanks even more for the nine extra blogs I get to add to my blogroll!

Anonymous said...

Every better than asshat ....asspony. use and enjoy.

Michemily said...

Oh boy, more distractions.

funderson said...


Pam said...

Well this just makes me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy! Thanks for the link lurve. Now I know how I picked up a random Mormom mommy follower today!

First of all, it's your seriously immature humor that won me over and that keeps me coming back!

I fell in love with Georgia Snail and his "running is stupid committee" several months ago. I'll have to check everyone else out!

And that whole "we don't know each other" thing... yeah, we should really remedy that someday!

Pam said...

And I just realized that I used way too many exclamation points in that last comment! Must be all the sugar from all the Smores I ate today!


Karen said...

oh Amy....did you skip someone? Someone who reads you and comments on your blog ALL THE TIME????

gina said...

YEAH for links! Three other bloggers that I read did this too! I love finding new reads! (ps I read Reagan's blob too... funny)

The Craft Clan said...

You should check out midlifecruiser.blogspot.com and hungryrunnergirl.com for funsies. Also, midlifecruiser's keyboard is currently "broken" so none of the words have a t or y.

Karen said...

Thanks for adding me in!! I'm so excited!

ellen said...

Thanks for a great list. I actually know Reagan and am a big fan of her blog(s).