Things That Piss Us Off Thursday: Volume Two

March 17, 2011

For some reason it feels a little bit sacreligious to do this on St. Patrick's Day, but hey, it's Thursday, so what can I do?

Also, I've really always hated the word piss. In my opinion, it's by far, one of the worst four-letter-combinations that was ever conjured up. But Things That Get Our Goats Thursday? That unbelievably lame. What to do?

Here's my list for today:

Really dirty snow in March.

Forgetting things at home and having to go all the way back.

When there's no bread in the house.

The fact that Coach ate the hands and feet off Maggie's baby doll.



Jamey said...

When your 1 year old pukes in his bed at 9:00pm and it soaks through his stuffed doggy, blanket, comforter both sheets and the mattress! Then wakes you up at midnight with a poopy diaper!

Laura said...

Getting stressed out as heck because of quarterly reporting at work and having other assignments thrown on me last minute because idiots couldn't plan in advance.

Getting sick the day before I go to Denmark, probably due to the stress from work.

Christina said...

Inlaws who invite themselves over FAR too often.

The returns counter at Walmart.

A cat who insists on flinging every drop of water from her dish across the kitchen floor, causing my two year old to slip, fall, and scream.

The idiot across the street who can't seem to remember to put on a shirt when he walks out the front door. EVER.

Mom to 3 C's said...

My first grader's tantrums over homework. Every. Single. Day.
Kid, you've got 11 more years of school so get over it already.

The fact that my 2 and 3 year old cannot go longer than 30 seconds without fighting (seriously, not exaggerating!) unless the TV is on, and even then the bickering resumes every 10 minutes.

Sarah said...

Funny. . . as a "good" mormon girl (ha) piss is the one word i feel ok with shouting at my 8th graders.

***a few weeks ago a noticed a trend around the lunch table at work. . . every Thursday all the teachers gripe and dare I say. . ."bitch" about how everything sucks-- only on THURSDAY!!!!***

Nothing sucks today. . . its SPRING BREAK in DALLAS!!!!

Thrifty Sassy Mommy said...

Dumb drivers on the freeway!

Shauna said...

-Declined checks for no reason other than Telecheck SUCKS!
-Impatient inlaws!
-Having to go to work on a gorgeous day!

Grandma said...

that Dad is sick and we r supposed to leave on Sun....and that I will prob. get it then.figures!

Bahston Beans said...

Feeling fat enough and then realizing I have 3 more months of pregnancy!

Kandi said...

Getting lost trying to walk anywhere in DC (I work here but I don't know my way around much of the city!).

funderson said...

OH MY LOOOOORD the dirty snow...and melting snow...and slush hell! I can't take it.

Morgan -Ing said...

When I leave a load of laundry in the washing machine for days on end... HATE THAT.

When I want to eat everything bad for me AND I want to be skinny. I CAN'T WIN!

Elizabeth said...

What about Things that Wad Our Panties Thursday?

Anyway, I need to add:
cat snot
having the flu during spring break.

The end.

Pam said...


When the house payment due date falls ONE DAY before pay day.

When husbands get mad at the dogs for barking. THEY'RE DOGS.

When husbands get mad at the dogs for barking when a strange person comes up to the house. You MIGHT appreciate that someday when they scare off a would-be intruder!

Adam said...

OH!!!!!! And your dailymile comment made me think of something that I HATE.

STUPID word verification on blogs. Here is hoping that when I click "publish your comment" you don't have one! :)

Adam said...


My Life and Running said...

I'm so annoyed I gave up complaining for Lent or I'd be all over this. Wait, was that just a complaint? Arrrgggg.

Michele Michaels said...

Cat puke

Lack of parental support at the schools

Renters who move out and leave the house a mess and leave all their junk at the house-where am I supposed to dump it all at?? And when it takes me 2 1/2 hours to clean DOG SNOT, yes, I said DOG SNOT off the walls

A screaming child in a small car

Friends that call to "vent" and during said "venting" will NOT let you say one word, then complete venting and say they have to go now...

People who whine and complain about "things" other people have, but don't acknowledge how much they themselves have

Cleaning the bathroom and 2 minutes later having my kids go in and brush their teeth leaving toothpaste from floor to ceiling, arrrgggghhhh...

Petty people-am I being one of them right now??

Blaine said...

People texting while driving
Utah Department of Transportation
Freeway construction where they haven't quite got the last lane lines off before putting down new ones so that you aren't quite sure where the right lane lanes are now 6,5,8 lanes all at the same time.

Loralei said...

Things That Tick Us Off Thursday?

Bosses who keep changing their minds and should really be in counseling.

Sheila said...

People who add an S to the end of a store name. Safeways. Wal Marts. Costcos.

Charming's Mama said...

When your husband teaches your 4 year old to say "piss". I feel the same way about that word as you do.

JC said...

Wearing a cute top for the first time and no one noticed because it was freezing in my office so I had to wear a sweater over it all day.

And...don't tell her...

When my MIL posts messages to my husband on my facebook wall. I got guilted into friending in the first place and this is not helping. If you wanted him to know, call him!

Tara said...

when people say "ain't" or "I seen"
grease spatters from the fry pan
burning my mouth on food that is too hot (or I am too impatient to let cool)
pot holes

Today's Gift said...

-Having to wait two months to get a doctors appointment.
-People who I thought were friends avoiding me like the plague- turns out they're not really friends after all.
-The weather
-Gas prices
-The zits on my face- I'm not a freaking teenager anymore, but apparently my face didn't get that message.
-Being ignored
-Over ripe bananas

What about "Ticked off Thursday"?

Keli said...

People who are negative, and can never, ever, see the bright side of things. Once in a while, fine, but all the time, not cool.

Word verification on private blogs. Really? Are we just a smidgen overprotective?

Women who aren't shy about telling everyone how busy they are all the time. They just try to make us regular moms feel bad about our lazy ways.

Being told "we all parent differently". Isn't that just code for "I don't like how you parent, so I'll do it my own way thankyouverymuch." I don't really care about your opinion of my parenting.

Oh my heck, I didn't realize I had so many things that pissed me off.

Thanks! I feel much better. :)