Things that Piss Us Off Thursday: Volume Something

January 26, 2012

Wow, I need this like a fish needs frigging water. So, without further ado, here's what's pissing me off today (and maybe for the last month):

1) When things get overly complicated within groups of people. In other words, drama. Ech. I even hate just typing that work.

2) Crappy snow at the end of January. In the Lawson family, we're all happier when we can ski a little.

3) Solicitations for who-knows-what on my work phone line. I actually feel a mini adrenaline rush when I hang up on them.

4) Super slow internet with really spotty wireless.

5) The fact that I'm too lazy to call about the super slow internet with really spotty wireless.

6) My own disorganization.

There, that felt good. Now it's your turn.

Aaaaaaaand go!


Karen said...

People that are too slow. Traffic. People who won't get out of my way. People with no common sense. People with no common sense who come into the office asking for stupid things. Poor spelling and grammar, especially on signs or public displays. Shall I continue?

Tara said...

College faculty teaching straight from the book. I CAN READ!

College faculty assuming you have NOTHING else going on in your life and can dedicate ungodly amounts of time to homework.

Icy sidewalks and roads- it's totally screwing with my running schedule.