Fantasies Are Not Real
May 31, 2007

Somehow, while Jared and I were walking the dog tonight, we found ourselves on the topic of spiritual connectivity between a husband and a wife. You know how it is--some couples seem to be genuine soul mates and go through life continually easing one another toward a higher level of spiritual enlightenment. Usually they'll die within 2 weeks of each other--like Great Uncle John dies of complications associated with high cholesterol, and Dear Aunt Ethel passes away shortly thereafter due to an unmistakable case of heartbreak.

It's unbelievably sweet--a fantasy that all women begin to weave the very moment Mr. Right pops the question.

For a split second, as we pushed the stroller containing our 2 year old son who was dressed like a pirate, this very fantasy reentered my mind. This was most likely prompted by that fact that my husband was reflectively discussing the significance of the Old Testament passage instructing husbands to "cleave to their wives, and none other."

I lovingly, and excitedly turned to Jared and asked, "Wow, do you think that we'll eventually achieve that level of oneness and love?"
Without missing a beat he replied, "No. I'm not a very spiritual person."

And I was like, "Yeah, plus you drive me insane."
Then we stopped, looked into eachother's eyes, shared a quick kiss and happily kept on walking.

So we've accepted it--we are who we are. We're never going to be like John and Ethel, but that's ok. We're just going to focus on other things, like karate lessons.


Vanilla said...

I remember growing up and our Sunday School teacher referring to Gen 2:24 as the 'Leave, Cleave, and Weave' verse. Leave your parents, cleave unto your wife, and weave... that was the becoming one flesh part. Never have you seen a 13 year old boy so excited to learn about "weaving."

Grandma said...

the anniv. card I got Dad showed 2 people laughing and dancing and said "Lucille and Edgar have been married for almost 40 yrs" and when you open it up it says "to other people" :)

Anonymous said...

This was hilarious. oh, and that's micah carbonneau saying so. What that counts for is...well...