Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
May 30, 2007
Gosh, don't my Mom and Dad look fantastic after 33 years* of marriage?
Actually, this picture was taken on their tropical vacation last year, so they've aged a little and my Dad's tan has faded bit, too.
But seriously, aren't they in great shape?
* 33 years is a rough 'guesstimate.' My sister is almost 30, so I think it's a pretty good guess. We'll see.


Grandma said...

32.... Amy -there were so many better photos from our trip, why did you pick that one? I am so embarassed.xo

Rob & Katy said...

amy, mom and dad look gorgeous in that pic.... good choice!

Athena said...

Now *that* is a happy couple.

Anonymous said...

that's seriously your mom and dad?(that was skeptical)