Get Ready for Some Pictures
June 1, 2007
Maybe you've wondered why I never post family photos on this blog. Or maybe you haven't. Either way, it's for two reasons. First, we are the most unphotogenic family on the face of this planet--which is strange, because in real life we're pretty much like super models....I take people's breath away on a very regualar basis. And second, our old camera pooped out on us a few months ago. We're broke and slightly lazy, so it took us a while to replace it. Well, we have quite a bit of making up to do, so get ready...lots and lots of crappy photography is coming your way!

This is a picture of James singing a song about his cereal. He is sitting on a phone book, just take my word for it. A video probably would have been more appropriate, but I haven't learned how to do that yet. Stay tuned.

Ok, my bra strap is hanging out, I'm not looking at the camera, and my head looks unbelievably huge compared to my body. You're probably wondering "Why one earth did this girl post this picture of herself?!" Well, I'll tell you why. This is one of the top three best pictures ever taken of me in my adult life. The best is that one to the right with all of the Mardi Gras beads, and the second best is one of my wedding pictures. This is the third best. Our Christmas card picture this year featured me in my pajamas, holding a stack of diapers while Jared and James sweetly posed in my parent's formal living room. I got a lot of good feedback on that.

And this last one is of Jared sleeping. I didn't want to wake him up, so I snapped this picture from all the way across the living room. This camera has one hell of a zoom--don't ya think? Can you see the pores on his nose? Cool, huh? Also, go ahead an call him on his cell if you think he needs to pluck his unibrow. He won't listen to me any more.
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The Ramos Family said...

The picture of you also looks like you are missing your arms, but overall, a great picture :)

Amy said...

Forget the stickers, the stencils, the endless array of fancy schmancy paper, and the staged photos of the scrapbooking era. This is true life. This is blogging.

Grandma said...

love those pictures and miss you!!! xo

Patty said...

I am seriously LMAO re: your christmas card. If I got that in the mail, it would still be proudly displayed on my fridge. Too damn funny. I'm hopelessly addicted to your blog....

Amy said...

Thanks Patty!
I'm sure this year's will be just as great...I'll put you on my list :)
And thanks for reading my blog!!!