Here is a picture of M-Law wearing a bathrobe that she forgot to return to the store.

And here is an equally unflattering picture of my father-in-law in his bathrobe. I like to catch them for some candid shots first thing in the morning. I don't think they mind at all.

May 10, 2007

I have a special person in my life, whom I lovingly refer to as M-Law. She has picked up this fun, yet functional nick-name for two reasons. First she is my Mother-in-Law, and second, her name is Meredith Lawson.

There are three things that make my M-Law unique: she loves to shop, she loves to return the items that she acquires while shopping, and she's very, very forgetful. Now any of these attributes in stand-alone form are not very interesting...but trust me, when they're presented as a combination they make for one whopper of a person.

Let me illustrate. M-Law took me shopping at TJ Maxx last week. After we selected our items, we pushed our cart over to a long, slow line. As we approached the register, M-Law spotted a light green top that struck her fancy. She walked over the sweater and held it up against her body to try and determine if it would fit. She decided that the sleeves were the appropriate length, but was concerned that the torso portion of the top was too short--so she asked the entire line for their opinions. There was an overwhelming, unanimous consensus among the shoppers that the fit of the shirt was perfect [sidenote: in all actuality, they just wanted the damn line to move along]. So M-Law purchased the shirt....with a store credit from a previously returned item of course.

And then we were off to Linens n' Things to return a literal trunk full of European style pillows that were purchased off of the clearance table. In a moment of excitement over an awesome bargain, M-Law had forgotten that she hates the shape of European pillows. At least that's what she told the poor man working at the customer service desk.

Later that night, after a long day of shopping and returning, we all sat down to watch American Idol. During one of the commercial sets, M-Law mutes the TV, turns to me, and says in her usual serious and exasperated tone:

Ugh. Amy. I should have tried on that shirt before I bought it today.

Me: Oh yeah, why?

M-Law: Because I bought that exact shirt last week, and it didn't fit then either.

Me: Hold on...what?! (now I'm interested...)

M-Law: I bought that shirt without trying it on last week. It didn't fit, so I returned it on Saturday. And then I bought it again. Ugh.

In conclusion and for clarity's sake, my mother-in-law rebought the same shirt that didn't fit her the week before. More specifically:

She bought the shirt on Friday.
She returned the shirt on Saturday.
She rebought the exact same shirt on Tuesday with the very store credit that was issued when she returned the shirt on Saturday.

Ay yi yi...what a woman!


patti said...

That cracks me up! My mother and sister always buy things without trying them on. Then they end up returning so much stuff! I wonder why they don't just try things on- it takes less time than driving back to the store!!!!

Jen said...

Leave it to Jared's mom! Sheesh :)

Rob & Katy said...

How do Robb and Meredith feel about your selection of photos?

Amy said...

They know not of the photos. Only everyone else in the universe does.