"Mommy, Dabes a dooted."
July 21, 2007

Kids go through phases, and my kid is no exception. Right now James is going through two phases simultaneously--the 'Mommy, I deeed eet' phase and the 'Mommy, Dabes a dooted' phase. For those of you requiring translation, that's 'Mommy, I did it' and 'Mommy, James tooted.'

All of the sudden, James is getting ridiculously excited about doing things that he's always been able to do. He'll shut the refrigerator door, run in my direction and shout, "Mommy, I deed eet! I cwose da dooh!!" Or he'll jump down the stairs and scream, "Moommmy! I deed eet! I dump on da stay-os!!!" He's been able to do both of these things for a very, very long time, so I'm not sure where his extreme excitement is coming from, but of course I play along. He's too cute not to.

And then there's the good old 'James tooted' phase. For some reason, my child feels like it's his patriotic duty to inform his mother every time he passes gas. It just happened a minute ago. As I was sitting at the kitchen table writing this very post. James walked into the kitchen and informed me in a very quiet and serious tone, "Mommy, Dabes a dooted." I was like, "Ok James, that's fine." And he stoically walked back into the living room and resumed acting like a monkey. He'll stop whatever he's doing to let me know about one little fart...I don't understand.

Yesterday at the park I watched James on the play scape. He cautiously walked down three steps, used the slide to reach the ground, walked to his friend's tricycle, rode it over to the bench I was sitting on and said, "Mommy, Dabes a dooted." He waited for my reply, as he always does, and then he rode the trike back to the play scape and kept on playing. I thought to myself, "?", because that was a whole lot of effort on his part.
Really though, this kid is adorable, and so are his phases. I'll gladly take these over the "James likes to make out with his girlfriend" phase and "James likes to drive his mother's car 90 miles per hour" phase. But I don't think he'll ever be interested in those types of things anyway.


Amy said...

How about the "James likes to throw rocks at the windshields of passing cars" phase? Or the "James refuses to shower even though his teenage hormones make him smell like a locker room" phase? My brothers went through both these phases. We have so much to look forward to, Amy. At least at this point he reports things to you. Clearly your relationship is open and safe for communication.

Grandma said...

James knows he is in a family that likes to share those skills!

Penny said...

"Dabes a dooted" - you should have said that when you farted in the health club. I'm sure the guys would have thought you were German or Amish.