Wow, this is really working!
August 23, 2007

Wow y'all. I just can't believe how well this magnet bribe is working! I'm getting emails from all over the nation and my hits have more than doubled. I'm going to be busy as a beaver producing homemade-handicrafts all weekend long. Thanks for all of your help.

I just love my readers--especially the sexalicious George Clooney. I had no idea that he was a fan of The Lawsons do Dallas! until he emailed me to let me know that he posted this picture on his official fan website.

In exchange for this all-too-kind gesture, George will receive one life sized magnet of my naked ass covered in hot pink feathers and shimmering silver poster glitter--hand delivered of course.

You guys, a restaurant-sized industrial fridge won't be able to handle this magnet--it's going to be that huge.

Ok, ok...I didn't actually get this picture from George Clooney. I got it from my cyber-friend Vanilla, who is the mastermind behind my very favorite blog, half-fast. But Vanilla told me that he got this photo straight from Clooney's website, and I totally believe him. Because really, I have no reason not to.

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Anonymous said...

I AM a fan!! G.C.