Trash Day

January 17, 2007

I mentioned that I work for an offbeat town, didn’t I? Well, let me just take a moment to clarify and let you know how offbeat it really is.

Yesterday afternoon I was called to participate in an impromptu meeting. You know the type—four people, gathered in a hallway, whispering about the whiny local who’s requesting a permit to build a glass-encased bathroom on his roof. You concur that the local has mental problems, you talk for a moment about his grandmother—who also had mental problems, and then you all giggle in unison as the building commissioner stamps a big, red REJECTED label on the permit application.

After the meeting had dissipated, I began to walk back to my desk as I overheard the following conversation:

Ann: Are you going to trash day in February?
Barbara: Oh, you mean naked trash day?
Walter: What’s that?
Ann: It’s when everyone gets together and picks up the trash on the beach.
Barbara: Naked.
Ann: Yeah, that’s right, they clean up the trash naked. It’s a fun event.
Walter: Is it in town?
Barbara: No, it’s in the next town over.
Walter: Can you get me the date on that? Maybe we can ride together.

Even though I snarfed V8 all over my favorite white sweater, I’m happy here. I really, really love this job.


Melinda said...

I hope the V8 comes out. ;) Sounds like a fun job.

Grandma said...

in the winter???!!!! we peeked at nude beach day, but that was in the summer...and they were playing volleyball,not picking up the trash!

Cheryl said...

Oh yay, a new Amy blog post! Glad New England is providing some good blogging material. And you thought we weren't as weird as Dallas.

J~mom said...

Keep us posted on naked trash day for sure!

MorseyRuns said...

Um, can you get me the date on that? And the seaside location?

Bahston Beans said...

Do they pick up trash naked until people donate enough money to make them stop?!

Jess said...

Naked trash day? So, that's the label they're giving Wednesdays now...

Amy said...

Oh this job is so up your alley.

Jennifer said...

Amy, this is too juicy to be true. Are you making this up? :P

Seriously, keep us all posted on this social event. We all want the scoop on this deliciously scandalous event! :)

Amy said...

oh no. I'm not lying. This is for real.

I miss you Jen! I'll be up there next weekend :o)