Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day, troops. I don't live for this day, but I certainly don't hate it, either. Valentines Day is fine. That's the extent of my feelings.

I've got to admit, Jared and I are a little lack luster in the holiday department. For example, last year on Valentines Day Jared handed me a plastic grocery bag containing an unsigned card in an unsealed envelope. When I removed the card from the bag and opened it up, a receipt for $3.79 slipped out. As is floated slowly toward the floor, Jared noticed the confusion on my face, shrugged his shoulders and said, "It was the last card at the store. I'm lucky I got there when I did."

There was a drawn out moment of silence as the receipt settled on the linoleum. After the moment had passed, I pulled my homemade card out of its hiding place in the pantry and blushed as I handed it to my husband. He glanced quickly at my handiwork and said, "Amy, why's there a four year old picture of you on the cover of this?"

"Well," I replied, "I was fifteen pounds lighter back then. And besides, I made the card myself, so I can decorate it however I want. That's why there's a picture of a golden retriever on the inside."

Jared smiled, we hugged, and in unison we said, "Thanks?"

What can I say? I'm very happy in my marriage.

Jared has been out of town for the past few days, and I honestly thought this annual day of love celebration was the farthest thing from his masculine mind. Last night--I swear to high heavens--I almost fainted when he called to say, "Valentines day is tomorrow! I hid a card for you somewhere in the house! Go hunt for it!"

Usually that phrase would look more like this: Valentines Day is tomorrow! Can I take fifty bucks out of the account to skiing with my brother to celebrate our love?

Based on previous behavior, I think it's fairly obvious why this premeditated, thoughtful gesture knocked the wind clear out of my breathing pipes.

I hunted around and eventually found a signed, sealed envelope in Jared's top dresser drawer. I anxiously tore the envelope and opened the card to find the following sentiments:

I hope you like this card. I picked it out especially for you. Actually it was the first one I picked up and then some old lady came up behind and gave me a look that said "Get out of my way." So I took the card and got out of her way. But I think it's fine because I was leaning toward this one anyway.
I love you.

I can't lie. Those sweet, sweet words caused me to tear up a bit. In fact I'm so moved, that I might just buy Jared a bottle of cologne at the pharmacy this evening. Take it from me--nothing says love like two ounces of musk.

Happy Valentines Day!


carla said...

my husband is, at times, afraid to let me out of our domicile as Im far too gullible (I plan to change this by the time my toddler is a lyingtomyface tween).

did he really write that?

if he did, I think I LOVE him.

(who can not for the life of her figure out the openid linky thing that blogger hath now added)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! That's so great! I got a frustrated phone call from the boy so far. That's about it. Maybe I'll get flowers when he comes to visit tomorrow.

Amy said...

He really did write that. The wording might be a teeny bit off, but I'll post a picture for proof later.

Bahston Beans said...

Prepare to be jealous...Shawn and I are having leftover Chinese tonight! Yaaaahoooooooo!

WyniaFamily said...

That was hilarious! Husbands, they come up with the darndest ideas . . don't they? PS- I am concerned that you are changing your vernacular, and feel like you are altering your personality for the benefit/betterment of your readers. (I am not sure if that was a question, a statement, or and if it was said with excitement or sadness)

seven said...

That's great... you guys are cool.
"I was leaning toward this one anyway"? Priceless. :)

Sarah said...

That is SOOO sweet, truly it is.

Cheryl said...

Oh, you two love birds! That was hilarious. I love your description of the receipt floating to the floor.

John S. Maine said...

What kind of musk?

Angela Sumner said...

awwwww thats so sweet!!! i totaly love the " leaning towards this one" sentiment! husbands - dont ya just love em!!

chattypatra said...

You are tugging at my heartstrings with that sweet story, Amy. How romantic! Hee.

Maybe he'll call you back and serenade you tonight. You are one of the lucky ones. Don't ever forget it, buddy.

Grandma said...

1st of all...I think it's funny that there is an ad for The View on your Blogher space tonight. There is Babara Walters and friends saying hi to us! and next...whoa Jared..look at your female fan club!!! You caring,sensitive,smart to leave a card person!!!

Sarah said...

Once upon a time I was "dating" a guy who, when we had the conversation about seeing eachother exclusively, said he wasn't ready. BUT, if he was, I was the one he was leaning towards. I didn't find that sentiment so endearing at the time - but maybe your husband has redeemed it for me. Thanks for sharing!

The Carrie Collection said...

My hunk-o-boyfriend drove me in my car to the local Chili's. He let me get anything I wanted. I oredered an appetizer, he let me skip a real meal and just eat of his plate (food tastes better when it's not yours) and then even though he wanted the paradise pie, he ordered my favorite chocolate molten explosion. After all that the bill came and when the waiter politely told him his card was denied he looked at me, I shrugged 'cause I'm in the Air Force so of course I don't have money and we ended up getting a Vday present from Chili's. Then he drove me back in my car.

Anonymous said...

How sweet :)

Jenn S. said...

Aww, sweet.

Lindsley park just wasn't the same without you today.