Puppy Hunting

February 19, 2008

There's no doubt that I'm an optimist. Speaking in general terms, I've always seen the glass as half full. But in the midst of my hopeful thinking, I'm also a firm believer that nothing is perfect. If something appears to be flawless, just look a little closer.

Think about it.Barbie seems perfect on the outside, but in reality the poor thing has to manage forty different jobs, a few sets of twins, her image as a trophy wife, and do it all on an empty stomach. That seems hard.

Now think about my husband Jared in his new role as a stay-at-home-dad--he scrubs the floors, he folds the laundry, he bathes our unruly toddler, and he does it all with a smile. He's a fantastic father and kicks the garbage out of me in the house-spouse department, but really guys, he's no exception to my rule.

Last week, Jared and James went out of town to visit my in-laws and tie up a few loose ends with the practice. After I finished with work on Thursday, I drove up to join them. When I knocked on their door around nine o'clock at night, I was greeted by my two-year-old son, wearing mismatched pajamas, with a barely visible popsicle mustache, carrying an extra-large-sized rocket launcher gun toy.

'Oooh boy,' I thought. 'I've been trying to keep toys guns out of the house. But I guess that's what I get for buying the kid a sparkly pink bear.'

"Wow buddy. What's that?" I asked, as I shot my husband a super sharp glare.

"Es a gun. Fer hunten," he replied. (translation: It's a gun. For hunting.)

"What do you hunt?" I asked with an obvious element of concern in my voice.

"Him," he replied. And my jaw hung wide as I watched James launch a ten-inch styrofoam rocket right into the side of my in-law's dog's head. Then my toddler proceeded to take four more unsuccessful shots as Patsy, the nine pound Maltese, scampered away and hid beneath the couch.

It's true, my husband taught my two-year-old son to hunt a fluffy, white pocket-dog with a shoulder-mounted assault weapon. How sweet.

If you want me to be honest with you, I thought it was pretty hilarious. I was just relieved to have a reason to maintain the validity of my theory--Jared can be a slightly inappropriate parent as well.

Then we spent the rest of the weekend working on our Nerf gun technique.


Vanilla said...

Those Nerf guns are so much fun! Candis and I break them out after the kids go to bed all the time.

Laura said...

Hilarious, but you know he's showing his bad parent side to try to get out of being the main parent much longer!

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? However, I'm curious why James has a nerf gun and not a toddler sized fishing pole in preparation for the newest Lawson fisherman?

WyniaFamily said...

I though he was going to say Wabbits! But, fluffy white dogs will do. I am sure it kind of looks like a rabbit.

akshaye said...

For some reason when I saw the title of your post, I thought "Puppy Hunting" might be about say... looking for a new dog. Of course it wasn't and thats why I enjoy the blog so much!

Danielle said...

Trying to stop a little boy from playing with guns is about as easy as stopping a puppy from eating it's own poop!

chattypatra said...

I too thought this was about getting a new dog. Heh.

Guns...hunting...yep, the kid came from Texas alright!

Cheryl said...

Doesn't matter what you give a kid to play with, if he wants to play guns he will use whatever is at hand and pretend it's a gun. But those nerf guns sure are fun!

I thought you were going to post about getting a puppy, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aww.. I have a Maltese. I could just imagine her trying to battle it out with James. Haha