Curtain Shopping: The Conclusion

May 8, 2007

The Curtain Shopping post was intended to be a one-time rant, but since I've gotten several emails asking for the conclusion I'll go ahead and share. I never knew that you guys cared about my window decorations so much--I truly feel loved.

Here is the 'before' shot of the living room window. I snapped this picture while we were looking at the house with our real estate agent. The photo is kind of dark, but not so dark that you'll miss the big screen TV in front of the bay window. Obviously, this house was inhabited by a bachelor:

And here's the 'after.' Please take note of the beige walls and the bright white curtains. I'm totally wild when it comes to home decorating:

Here is the 'before' picture of the dining room window. Barring the fact that I hate house plants more than I hate rodents, Splenda, and the devil himself, it's really not so bad:

One gallon of trim paint, a zillion hours, and $150 later, here is the result:

But the best decorating touch of all? Walking past the windows nude four to six times daily. Just ask the neighbors--it's totally breathtaking.


jkrunning said...

Looks good to me!

Vanilla said...

Nice. I live in one of those newer neighborhoods where all the houses are various shades of beige or taupe (like your walls). When I give directions to my house I always tell people, it's the beige one.

Brad and Rebecca said...

i love the bay windows...from what i've seen, this is a darling house Amy!

Cheryl said...

I love the look. Clean, bright, and simple. It's the best! Good job, Amy.

chattypatra said...

Maybe you can get Nate (Oprah's cute interior decorator) to come to your house and put a cushion on that lovely window seat. I'm sure Jared won't mind at all if the guy comes over and turns your new house into a showcase. Just remember to get dressed before you open the door!