Kid Free To-Do List

August 5, 2008

Well, I've got some good news. I no longer feel like a loser for sending James to play with my mom this week.

One kid-free dinner with friends, one kid-free trip to the grocery store, and one kid-free midnight stroll did wonders to lift my spirits. Not to mention the Olive Garden gift card that came in the mail for our anniversary yesterday--we can use it this week with absolutely no prior planning. And that my friends, is a major miniature miracle.

My goal is to eat fifteen bread sticks in fifteen minutes while I hum Aerosmith power-ballads and eavesdrop on the conversation one table over.

Other items on my kid-free to-do list are as follows:
Cook chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for lunch.
Watch Oprah in my underpants.
Watch Ellen in my underpants.
Eat carrot cake in bed.
Sneak another purse home from the TJ Maxx clearance rack.

I also made a kid-free to-do list for Jared. His looks like this:
Paint the den.
Install new floors in the den.
Split wood in preparation for the winter season.
Install a new blower motor in the Blazer.
Remove the large bush from the front lawn.

We'll review these lists tonight at dinner.


Lindsey said...

Um, I thought you were getting rid of James so you could WORK.. .not lay around in your underware! (that is for us stay at home moms..:)

Katy said...

Word, Lindsey... because my house has been the home base for THREE kids (one who belongs to the lovely Amy), and I haven't gotten much work done. Do some work, Amy! (xxoo)

The Roberts' Report said...

It sounds like katy isn't very happy with taking on your kid while you "AL Bundy" it in your underoo's.
Mmmmm...I guess you'll have to lie in your blogs, so you won't get caught next time!! ;)
I love Jared's TO DO LIST. HA!!!

Vanilla said...

Why are Oprah and Ellen wearing your underpants?

You see what I did there?

Grandma said...

Well, right now I am inside w/ my frozen yogurt while Dad plays the part of the other train. James had fun today...finally ate a big dinner after not having much all day, on the way home he looked at books, then we had a sing-a-long in the car. When asked to sing the same song the 8th time,I said "Oh James, I'm old!" and he said "No you're not, you're happy-old." OK, I'll take that as a compliment:)Enjoy your you'll owe Katy!

Brad and Rebecca said...

those lists look totally even...

The 311 Boys Mom said...

I love the hubby list......i may make one for my hubby, but he'd jsut ignore me. lol

enjoy hanging out in your panties.....I can't wait for the day myself again!