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August 14, 2008

Thank you so much for all of the well wishes you've offered up. It's nice to know that so many people are looking forward to my stories of weight-gain, and complexion issues, and hemorrhoids, and mood swings. I feel loved.

Several of you emailed or commented with questions. Here are I few that I've decided to answer...

When's your due date?
Glad you asked. My due date falls somewhere between Christmas and Easter, so please mark your calendars accordingly.

Now that you're pregnant are you still running?
Yes, but my "running" is very different than it used to be--I run less often, I run shorter distances, I walk up the hills, I walk down the hills, I walk when I feel like it, and I get far fewer cat calls than I did a few months ago. Sure my runs have evolved into more of a lopsided gallop, but have I really lost all of my sex appeal? I guess I have.
Yesterday, some tipsy old fart walking out of the American Legion Hall had the nerve to forgo the kitten purr, or the come-n-get-it whistles, and BARKED AT ME LIKE A DOG! I stopped, I whirled around, I gave him the evilest eye I could possibly muster, and clearly mouthed the words I'm gonna kill you. He offered up an apologetic wave, scuttled to his car, and peeled the hell out of there.
So yes, I'm still running. I need to stay in shape so I can run away from the cops--because this pregnancy is seriously going to land me behind a set of bars.

What are you craving?
Cheetos, Doritos, Cheez-its, Pop Tarts, pickles, ribs, biscuits n' gravy, root beer, beef, hot wings, bagels, and cheese cake. Oh, and pancakes, bacon, chili dogs, fries, sausage & mushroom pizza, egg rolls, ketchup, salami, cheese danish, and anything else that I see on TV. So not too much.

Can we have a baby naming contest on your blog?
Oh sure, that sounds like fun! I totally trust this crowd with that type of sacred responsibility.
Aside from naming my baby, you'll also have the opportunity to win the chance to make monthly contributions to Jr's college fun, pay for 50% of the medical bills, and be my nanny with no pay or benefits. Good luck!

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
As long as it's not "kind of a boy" and "sort of a girl," I'm fine either way.

Thanks again for all of the well wishes! I'll be sure to keep you posted.


The Broken Man said...

He, he - I like the "between Christmas & Easter" due date! We have only managed to get away with telling people ours is due "sometime in December", and even then they keep asking for more information! :)

I'm so tempted to start saying "Well, we must have conceived on....." I bet that would scare them off!

The Broken Man

Karinne said...

Hey! I grew up with Jared and I religiously read your blog. It's so refreshing from my day-to-day life of a mom. It makes me smile and try to look at my life a little less seriously. Thanks for doing what you do!! And congrats on the new pregnancy!! Good luck to you both!

Mary said...

My oldest, Sarah, was 3 when I got pregnant with my second, James. I wanted another child, but after the fact, I started feeling guilty. I didn't think I could be as good a mother to 2 as to 1. I loved Sarah so much that I wasn't sure I could love another. I thought I wasn't being fair to Sarah by bringing some little stranger into the relationship and perhaps ruining it forever! But hey, my fears proved groundless. Things changed, but change is a given anyhow.

I'm very happy for you and Jared and James. Congratulations!!

HotMommy said...

Okay, I concede that the naming contest is a reckless idea. But you should register somewhere online that will ship the gifts to your address without letting anonymous strangers know your address, because some of your readers surely have cash laying around that they want to buy the new bundle a present with! rack up where you can chica!

Anonymous said...

You can totally do this through Amazon, Amy. I like hotmommy's idea@

Diana from Dallas said...

I just to to say congrats.

J~Mom said...


Grandma said...

Oh yeah, a name the baby contest! And hopefully a nature like James as an infant...he Feng Shui'd himself in his crib! That kid was such a calm baby!

modernscrapgirl said...

Congrats! Very exciting news!

Just so you know, I opened a Google account just so I could comment on THIS post. :):)

jkrunning said...

I'm looking forward to your colorful views on pregnancy.