Never Take a Texan on a Boat

September 16, 2008

I found these pictures on my memory card this morning and thought they were super cute. No--not funny or crude or terribly entertaining. Just good old-fashioned cute for the grandmas of the bunch. *Hi Mom!*

This first picture is quite obviously James wearing a life preserver. He smiled for about eight tenths of a second, quickly realized that his head was literally stuck inside of a block, and tried to bite me for the remainder of the two hour sailing excursion.

If you look closely, you can see Jared waving enthusiastically to the crowd of people gathered on the shore. For a moment there he fooled himself into thinking we were going on some kind of round-the-world voyage or something. Thank goodness we weren't, because our guests from Dallas were retching from sea-sickness after fifteen-or-so minutes at sea. Would have been a long old trip if we were headed to India or some crazy place like that.

This is a picture of me and James. It's probably the last cute picture of me that will be taken during this pregnancy--and that's why I felt compelled to share. Right now my calves are six inches thicker from my frequent trips to Dairy Queen, I've gotten a questionable (at best) haircut, and that cute little sweatshirt doesn't have a prayer of zipping up. And my self-esteem? It's never been better!

I've also taken to lying.

If you've noticed a lot of pictures and a lack of writing lately, it's because I'm saving all of my very best ideas for my chapter of Sometimes Life is Funny. For more details about this future best selling book (that will probably raise five zillion dollars for the Nielson family), click here. And just so you know, the deadline for contest submissions has been extended to September 30th.


Sue said...

You rock.

Mary Poppins said...

They say "don't mess with Texas," but it sounds like perhaps Texans aren't as strong outside of their state. Can't wait to read your undoubtedly funny contribution to the book.

Grandma said...

his head inside a block!!! funny!

Melanie J said...

I don't even want to think about trying to put my kid in a life preserver. I'm pretty sure that he would suddenly develop manual dexterity far beyond his ten months and then come after me, agrily waving the jacket and yelling, "Blah! blah! blah!" because that's all he knows how to say.

chattypatra said...

"I've also taken to lying."

Hum...o-kay. Dare I ask for an explanation, Amy? ;)

katieo said...

(ok for a second I was confused in that second picture, I thought that bag in your lap was actually your leg and then was preplexed by the other more obvious leg...

phew. all figured out)

That curly hair is awesome.