Happy Monday

November 17, 2008


I did a heck of a lot of writing for another project this weekend, and hot dog I do NOT feel like blogging today.

So you get nothing, except this...

1) I offer you my sincere wishes for an excellent week.

2) I am really, really done with nighttime meetings. I had three last week and I have one every night this week, except Friday. I'll tell you what--a salaried part-time job is for schmucks. Like me.

3) James saw Kung-Fu Panda last night, and now he's absolutely convinced that he is the Dragon Warrior (or whatever it's called). If that big, fluffy panda can do it, then James can probably handle it, too. But really, I might sign him up for the Little Ninjas class I saw in the paper last week. Is that only for rednecks?

4) I'm gonna cook a turkey when I get home from work today. Why not?

5) I really can't believe it's November 17th. Geeze Louise, time is going really fast these days!

Have a good day, everyone!


Melanie J said...

As a Louisiana girl, I have to ask: does Maine really have rednecks? I mean, I can see a subculture of rough-edged lobster dudes, but rednecks? Really?

akshaye said...

Ah.. I love kung fu panda. The little guy had good taste!

Cook a turkey.. I am supposed to one for the first time this Thanksgiving. I have no clue what to do with something so big.

joolee said...

For a house with four lil girlies, we've had more than our fair share of Kung Fu shows lately. I'm having the hardest time keeping their Kung Fu names straight. I also bought Kung Fu Fighting by Cee-lo and Jack Black off itunes. Great song to blast over the speakers on a Monday morning:)

Trishelle said...

Happy Monday to you. I've been intending to comment on your FABULOUS blog for some time now....I know, I know, my husband calls it 'lurking'. (My sister, Jamie, showed me your site.)

My husband finished school almost two years ago and is attempting to build up a chiro-practice too, so much of what you talk about is stuff we can relate too. Good luck. I truly, truly wish upon you a fruitful and successful practice...for both of you!

Kung Fu Panda rocks! I sign off, no longer being a lurker. Keep up the good work. No extra charge for awesomeness. Hi-yah! (Karate chop)

chattypatra said...

Little Ninjas school? That's AWESOME!
Pictures, please. I can't wait to see "Richard" in uniform! :)

Team Ayres said...

yeah, do the turkey and you can give THAT to the missionaries!!! they'll have food for weeks!

Holly said...

I think you're safe from the redneck stigma if you sign him up for Little Ninjas. I would steer clear of Junior Rodeo, however.

I would worry a little, though, about doing anything that could potentially increase the speed, agility and strength of a 3-year-old. Maybe you should sign up for Lil Ninjas too--just so you can keep up with him.

Cheryl said...

You have a good week, too, Amy!

Grandma said...

Are you getting karate chopped now?

Katy said...

Melanie J-