Writing Prompt Links

March 3, 3009

Had enough of that repulsive Chinese buffet story? Yeah, me too. It's utterly and completely wretched. In an effort to divert from that barfolicious tale, I will go ahead and provide links to the six smokin' hot ladies who took part in last Monday's writing prompt challenge.

The writing prompt had something to do with saying I love you. I think. I really don't know. I suck with leadership, organization, deadlines, and pretty much any other qualities that make an individual employable.

First we have Mindy. Mindy is another one of those precious few who've been reading my blog since day one. I love her. You can read her story here:

See how I left the whole link instead of converting it into one convenient little word? Yeah, that's because I have no attention to detail, either.

Kimi wrote this one:

Christina did this one:

Jes left a link to her whole blog instead of the post. So if you'd like to know what it's like to live life with a missing "s" in your name, click on over:

Patricia, obviously the English major (and overachiever), wrote two:


And then, last but not least we have Julia Niceass. At least I think that's her last name: