Brotherly Love and Voting

May 22, 2009

Well guys, it's official. James is completely bummed that he's having a sister--and I just can't lie, his outlook is weighing me down. Now I know full well that this will all get better with time, but for this moment, I reserve the right to feel poopy about it.

Before yesterday James talked and talked and talked some more about becoming a big brother. This kid had some really major plans that revolved around treehouses and halloween costumes. But now that he knows he's getting a dumb old sister, he's been completely tight lipped about the pending situation.

Actually, he did mention the baby one time yesterday, when he suggested that we name her "How Are You Today?" I loved his suggestion until I worked out the acronym and realized that it sounds remarkably similar to the word "hate" when said out loud.

Then, as I was putting James to bed, he threw down quite the tantrum--something I rarely see him do. Among other animated moves, he stripped down his bed, emptied his book shelves, slammed his door repeatedly (learned that one from his mother), and dumped a glass of water down the front of my shirt.

If he goes for a repeat performance tonight, I'm shipping the child to the East coast of Africa in a large, wooden crate--without hesitation. And I'm putting the "THIS END UP" stamp the wrong way. Uh huh, let's see how that little sister-hating-tantrum-thrower likes standing on his head for 4-6 weeks.

I'm not even kidding.

But let's all hope for a bedtime completely void of drama. I think I'd miss the kid.

To wrap this up, here are the family stats regarding our new discovery:

JARED--shocked and overwhelmed, but happy
JAMES--pooping in his pants on purpose
MY PARENTS--very happy
JARED'S FATHER--very happy
JARED'S MOTHER--unable to contain her excitement, proclaiming the good news to the neighborhood, tripping-over-her-own two-feet happy (I'm still giggling over her reaction--absolutely priceless)

But here's the bright spot to my day, the silver lining to this dark and dismal sister cloud...we get to vote on an internet alias for this little girl!

Thank you for all of your name suggestions--they were fantastic! My expert panel of judges (thanks ladies!!!) used the magic of modern technology to narrow the choices down to about ten. Then, the super secret judge extraordinaire narrowed those down a little bit further.

If you'd like to vote, you can do so in the upper right corner of the site until next Friday at midnight.

And remember, this is a fake name for blog reference purposes only. The real name is competely up to my Mother-in-Law.

(That was just a joke, Meredith--even though I'm sure you'd do a bang up job!)


Vanilla said...

I'm not voting because I'm throwing a tantrum that my suggestion did not make the final list. You can't tell but I just slammed my office door and I'm thinking about pooping my pants on purpose.

Xenia said...

I voted for Bun because I was the first person to suggest that in the previous post and I'm super excited it made the cut.

Suck it, Vanilla. ;)

Hilary said...

Oooh Lawlet made the list! :)

I suspect that James' regression isn't strictly his disappointment over the baby being a girl. It's the more tangible realization that he's being ousted as the baby of the family. It probably just irks him more that it's by a girl. With enough reminders that he'll always be your baby even though he's a big boy now (tough balance to keep when reassuring), he'll get beyond this phase. He's gonna be a very amusing big brother. :)

X-Country2 said...

Didn't they make it back from Madagascar in the the sequal? That might be a bit awkward when he returned.

Diana from Dallas said...

Dear James:

Baby sisters are ok. My mommy and daddy brought one home 8 months ago and mommy says "she isn't going back!".

They sleep a lot at first.
You have to wait until they are older to give them toys and snacks.
When they are crawling, you just put your good toys on your bed or the couch and they can't get them.
If you potty in your pants, just say "I want to be the baby".

Good luck and make sure you scope out all those presents she gets and claim anything cool by saying "Baby can share with me".


Mindy said...

I'm so sorry I was too busy that day to help on the prestigious panel of judges... I'll regret it every day for the rest of my life. :(

You're a door slammer too? We get more and more alike every day.

Bahston Beans said...

Sweet. This means I can keep Ashtird for my future child!

Rachel said...

As a little sister to an older brother, James has a lot of fun in the future, at his sister's expense of course. I still remember my fear of 9th grade, because my brother was a sr. He repeatedly threatened to have a bunch of senior girls give me a swirlie.

He'll get over it, it just might take some time. Ethan was hoping for a girl when Elijah was born. We told him twice that Elijah was a boy and he denied it each time. Finally he consented to a boy but the first words out of his mouth were, "Well, I want to see how big his penis is!" No clue where that came from, but we sure laughed about it. A few weeks later, he said he never wished he had wanted a sister, because "boys are the snuggliest."

Grandma said...

oh'll be ok:)))) xo

Wild Banks' said...

My oldest spent months trying to shove my belly out of his way and things went down hill after that. He didn't want a baby, boy, girl or spider monkey. Now they are inseperable- the best of friends. James can teach his sister to like the things that he does like my big brothers did me. I know more about Transformers, superheroes and a few other things than my husband does. Maybe he'd like to pick out a blue girl outfit- it's not all pink bows and lace buddy!

amanda said...

I suggested Hattie as a REAL name! Not a blog alias to be but in the same poll with Velveeta and Chevy!!!! I'm PISSED!!!

hahaha... no but really.

Bun should win.

Chase's Moma said...

YAY! The name I picked made it in the top list:-)
James, I'm sure you'll be a great BIG brother once you get used to the idea!

Liz said...

Oh...please not Bun. My SIL was pregant at our HAlloween party and she wore a oven outfit that said "Bun in the oven" and my BIL wore a chef outfit that said "Bun Maker"!!! :)

chattypatra said...

I voted for Lawlet. It sounds like a real name and has no connotations about weight (Bun? Hun? Nun? Gun?). Whatever, I think James should be given the opportunity to help you decorate the baby's room. Unless his favorite color is black...or gray. :)

Is there anyone who could make a cool sign for his door that reads BIG BROTHER. When he's older and reads Orwell, he can ponder on the connotations of that; in the meantime, he can boast about it!

BTW, older brothers suck when you worship them and they betray you but, nooooo, I wouldn't know anything at all about that. *cough*

Mel said...

Dear James,

Sometimes having a little brother is just as big of a pain as a little sister. At least you can protect your little sister when you're older.

PS I voted for Velveeta :)

Bethiej said...

I voted for Hattie 'cause that was my grammies name...although Lawlet is freaking awesome.

Merry said...

Are double or hyphenated names too much of a pain to type? I kinda like "velveeta bun" :)

b. said...

I voted the unpopular Hattie.

But then I would like you to shorten it to Hats.

Grandma said...

wow...Velveeta and Lawlet are of right now. Those names are growing on me. I could have fun introducing a child w/ either of those names:)

amylouwho said...

I've got to go back and read some posts I've missed evidently! Congratulations!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

When my stepdaughter was 6ish, we told her that I was pregnant and having a boy. Her response was "well, don't expect me to talk to him." Luckily, she is now 10 and he is 3 and she actually talks to him. Quite a bit. If only she'd shut up for awhile!

Our Little World said...

So, the baby is the only one going to have an alias? Hmmm..

And those videos of James are hilarious! LOL

Anonymous said...

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