Happy 33rd Anniversary!

May 30, 2009

Or is it the 34th?

Any way you slice it, Happy 3Xnd Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

I must say, I'm glad you got married, and that I am the crowning jewel of your sacred union--you know, as opposed to my sister.

Dad: Take her out for supper tonight, even if she resists till the cows come home and insists over and over again that she DOESN'T WANT TO GO OUT TO EAT!

Mom: Let Dad take you out to eat, you know you'll have fun once you're there.

We love you guys!!!


Grandma said...

Thanks Amy. 34 it is.We're going to a visiting gospel choir concert at church..and bringing Ty and Jennie. Figure we'll be safe w/ the nice loud music:)))

Bahston Beans said...

Happy anniversary! Love you!

Katy Shamitz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katy Shamitz said...

Sorry- My delete. I didn't read your post the whole way through before I commented. :) I was going to tell you, "Duh- 34 years."

Um, they couldn't go out for dinner because they were babysitting my kids. :( Oops. My bad.

Oh- and whatever about the stupid crowning jewel comment. :p

Grandma said...

Thanks Kelly:) and Katy we had more fun w/ them than going out to eat!!

Anonymous said...

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