Week 2: The Competition is Fierce

January 15, 2010

Click on over to the Fantastic Asstastic Gallery and cast your votes. Remember, you can vote for your three favorite behinds until Tuesday night, and then, the four bums with the fewest number of votes will be eliminated.

Contestants, you can send your Week 3 photos any time between now and next Wednesday. And, as you all know, in AmyLawsonLand deadlines are fun and flexible.

Oh, and FYI, this is a very special week. We'll call it "Amy does Dallas." In other words, I'm headed back to my old stomping grounds so I can eat at The Burger House and shop at Central Market. And see my friends.

If anyone wants to hang around and compare cellulite, I'll be at the park, I'll be at Beth's house, I'll be at the zoo (because I can't get enough of those monkeys with the crazy bare asses), and I guess I'll be at church.