P90X, Couch to 5k, and a Little Bit of Winning

June 28, 2011

If you think working out is boring, then prepare to absolutely hate this post. Or skip it.

I kind of don't want to write this down for fear of cursing myself, but so far so good with the P90X. My workout partner did slightly vomit during a plyometrics session, but hey, that just means she's doing it right. Right? No, really, isn't that a badge of honor or something?

Let me just tell you that this girl is reeeediculous. One minute we're doing double frog squats, the next minute she's retching up her snack in the master bathroom, and the next minute she's back on the floor doing a one minute set of military marches with impeccable form.

I was like, "Dude! You're AN ANIMAL!!!!" And then we high fived. When it comes to this crap, we kind of make a perfect match.

I'm on day seven of the program, and you know what I've learned about myself so far? When things get hard, and I'm pushing far beyond my physical limits (push ups, pull ups, crazy ass jump-turn things), I default to making fart noises with my mouth. Most people grunt, I make long drawn out toot sounds.

After careful evaluation of my last two marathons, I've decided that this was the problem--not enough mouth farts when the going got tough. Live and learn I suppose.

5k Training Program
Welp, I started coaching my Couch to 5k group on Saturday, and so far so good. Thanks to a newspaper article that ran on Thursday, our registration numbers doubled between Thursday and Saturday. In other words, on Thursday morning I had sixteen people signed up and by Saturday morning I got to take THIRTY TWO PEOPLE ON A RUN!

Just call me a pig in the mud! Seriously, me and my whistle? We were in heaven.

I've gotten four more registrations this week, so we're up to thirty-six. Honestly, I get all goose-bumpy just thinking about it. I freaking love this.

My friend Seth, is a professional shoe fitter at Maine Running Company, and he was awesome enough to come evaluate every one's stride and custom fit them for a pair of shoes after our workout. I hope he makes a million sales and can take his wife and kid on an expensive tropical vacation. These runners were hanging on his every word, just thrilled to have his advice and feedback.

Yesterday, when I brought James to rec basketball in the morning, I saw two of my runners doing their midweek workout at the local school track. Honestly, as cheesy as it sounds, my heart skipped a beat. Like I said, I love love love doing this.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but the 5k group is meeting every week at Jared's office. He's worked so incredibly hard to turn that space from an empty store front to a thriving profitable practice, so when I walked from the reception area to the treatment area, and saw it packed tight with thirty-two people, I had to fight back tears. Slowly but surely he's becoming the go-to guy for treating sports injuries in central Maine. He makes me really proud.

A Little Bit of Winning
Seth and I met up again on Sunday and ran a half-marathon relay. He did 6.8ish, and I covered 6.3ish. We both seem to suck with our Garmins, so the distance and pace specifics really are a mystery. All I know is that he came blazing into the hand off area, way in the lead, running something under a six minute mile pace.

I ran my leg with Maggie in the stroller, so it wasn't my fastest 10k(ish) time, but it wasn't embarrassing either. I maintained something between 7:30 and 7:40, and it was enough for the overall relay win in our happy little hometown race. Thank goodness, because I've needed a taste of running success.

Jared stretching out a runner after the race...he volunteers every year.

Some people from my running club...

I'm pretty sure Maggie counts now that she's done her first race! Oh, and see those pottery mug things I'm holding? We won those instead of trophies--espeically awesome for drinking whiskey.

I've had quite a bit of failure in a lot of areas of my life lately. I think I might be rounding the corner. Actually, I'm just gonna assume that I am.


Blaine said...

The fact that you're still able to move and run after 7 days of P90X means that a) you're in much better shape than you have lead us all to believe, b) you've have a high pain tolerance or c) Those of us who have done p90x and had to give up running because it was hard enough to just walk after plyo and ab ripper just suck.

Congratulations on the coaching. It's awesome to give back.

Mel said...

I was sort of thinking the same thing as Blaine, I'm impressed you could even WALK after the P90X let alone run.

And I think that pushing a child in a stroller makes you a super woman. I mean my mile run time is about 14min (LMAO) and that's just me hauling me, and nothing else!

You always look like you had a great time after a race too, I love it!.

paige said...

i hope i can round that corner soon too (from failures :)
Awesome post...

Team O'Connor said...

That is so inspiring that you are doing and succeeding at something that you love, love, love. Not many people can say that they are doing that. Um, the military introduced me to P90X and I always end up laughing uncontrollably by the end 'cause I've nearly lost all muscle control and might as well be laughing when my bladder and bowels give out. It is ridiculously hard. Have you done the yoga yet?! I always give up after an hour. Anyway, it's a great workout and I had lunch with Tony Horton on base once. Somehow I missed the workout session but made it to lunch...anyway, he's less annoying in person. I did feel compelled to eat a salad with oil and vinegar dressing to look cool and healthy.

Michemily said...

That running group you're leading sounds like exactly your thing. If anyone could convince me to be a hardcore runner, it's you.

Karen said...

Okay...have to admit I quickly skimmed this post. Working out is not for me! But usually I LOVE your stories!

Pam said...

This is amazing. I hope all 36 of them stick with it and see the race through!

And that pace while pushing a stroller?!?! AFTER doing P90X?!?!?! I'm seriously impressed. I could hardly get on and off the toilet without assistance for two days after plyo.

Morgan -Ing said...

Amy that is VERY cool. Good for you! I'm proud of you. And you know, pride coming from internet friends is really the only kind worth worrying about.

Grandma said...

Ya, yay, and yay!!! Remind me to tell you about the lady who was telling me all about her P90X experience. She just started talking about it out of the blue!

And at fist I thouhgt that wasyou on Jared's table and I was going to tell you to shave your legs:)

Razz said...

Good for you, coach! Love the Couch program. C25K got me to where I am today....a snarky, middle of the pack runner that has a blog.

BrianFlash said...

One of the local chiros shows up with a booth at pretty much every race and runs one on his own.

His secret motto?

"Use the races to bust 'em up. Then they have to come to me for a fix!"

It worked on me.

Chelsea said...

I agree...I can't believe you are even able to move after P90X, especially since it is your first week. Major props to you and keep up the good work :).

cheleymooore121 said...

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Your Fitness Path said...

As I individual who went from basically doing nothing and jumping right into the P90X program, I can appreciate your effort and commitment.

I remember the days following that first week...I laid in bed, while my wife graciously worked the soreness from my legs so that I could get up the next morning!

Eventually though, it does subside as long as you keep at it and your body adjusts. The strength comes as the inches and pounds go!

P90X is certainly one tough 12 week work out program, but the results are worth the effort.

I hope you are still getting after it!