Contest Update
November 6, 2007

I'm in sixth place by only thirteen votes. Nice work edging out the competition! If a little Baptist Church in Bradley, Maine can rasie $15,000 in one month, then I can at least settle into the top five.

And poop on the iVillage administrator who spanked my sister for spamming her message board. POOP ON YOU! I love my iVillage snowflake moms and expectant mom readers--thanks for all the votes!

Wow, this message probably makes zero sense to the general public. Sorry!

Don't forget to vote by clicking here. It's easy, just select 'funniest blog' and then pick me.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo - what would you win anyway?

chattypatra said...

I'm still voting but I see you have not yet checked out my blog again. Tsk, tsk. Rub your back, rub mine? Take a break from your campaign, Amy and throw me a bone.

Anonymous said...


I just discovered a marvelous way to stuff the ballot box for you -- if only I had the time! I can vote for your blog from EACH computer in SMU's library. Hmmm . . . I wonder how many computers are in this building.

Vanilla said...

I'm voting every day from work and home.

Amy said...

Um, I don't know what I win. The glory I guess? Lots of publicity? No clue actually.

Dale--thanks for your continued efforts. I think you should skip class to find all the computers on campus. Really, you should.

Berta--I left you TWO comments silly!

Vanilla--you're fabulous as always

Cathy said...

I join you in pooping on the iVillage folks who were mean to your sister! Double POOP on them!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just FYI, I read your sister's message on the IVillage board before all that (didn't realize she got in trouble!)! That is how I found this blog :-). Good luck w/ the contest.

Mary Ann

Heather said...

Don't kill me -- I have tagged you. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the spanking your sis got did you good. We're all on her side, so....more votes!!!
Drama is such great advertising :)

-A SnowFlake mom, Jill!

Anonymous said...

I say double poo on the IV person too. I am an ex IVer and wanted to show my support too!! Great Blog

Mel said...

If it weren't for Katy I'd never have found you! Poo on them!!

(Katy-what happened?)

-Mel (lola_spencer)

Anonymous said...

Poo on whoever put Katy in the naughty chair.

***another snowflake mom