Rodeo Cowboy
This is my first try at a homemade cowboy costume for James. A few modifications to the blingy belt buckle and we should be all set. I'm very proud of my handiwork on this one. A stack of fabric sure can look cute if you do the right things to it. I hoping to have a saddle for Gracie within the next few days! Grampy is amazed at how Texan James looks...well, for now he's a Texan so we'll go with it!

Here's a list of the words that James uses at 18 months:
Amy (Ahhmee)
thank you (da-doo)
dog (gog)
shoes (shuz)
book (boo-kk!)
light (ite)...while pointing up!
apple (apo)
banana (mana)
ball (baou)
truck (cuk)
more (mo, mo)
go (go, go, go!)
up (up, up, uppie!)
daiper (dypo)

New Personal Record
Now that I'm starting to get back into running a little bit, I decided that it's just ludicrous to go by my old PR's. I'm at total and complete peace with the fact that they will never happen again. So I decided that I would just start a new set of 'normal' PR's. Well, I broke my new 5k PR last night at the Long Run benefiting JL Long Middle School. I ran 8 minute mile pace. Last month I made my re-debut into the running scene with a 26:35 at the Freedom Run. Not bad times considering the fact that I rarely log 10 miles a week. I won the 20-29 age group last night...only had to beat one person to do that, but I'm proud of my medal anyway! We weren't able to get any good pictures last night, so I took the best one and took the abstract, artistic approach! I currently hold the world record for longest legs.
One minute James was playing on
the playscape, and the next minute
he was face down on the sidewalk.
Everybody tells me that I should
get used to these kinds of accidents
because they're not going to stop
anytime soon!