"Pinata" Footage

April 24, 2008

I'm very sorry to say that Jared laid eyes upon the purple walls yesterday and there were no tears, there was no pants-pooping, and there was no notable tantrum. He simply looked at the contractor, and in his nicest most patient voice said, "This is purple, I asked for blue. I can't have my office like this." The contractor agreed and the problem seems to be fixed. Where's the fun in that?

Since Jared's office has left me with absolutely no blog-worthy material, I will kindly offer a video for your viewing pleasure. It's about two minutes long, but if you can hang on until the middle I think it's worth it.

This is footage from the pinata event at James's birthday party last Saturday. You'll notice right off the bat that the "pinata" is actually a two-dollar gift bag. You can thank the recent birth of my sister's baby for that craptastic touch. My mom had purchased a perfectly lovely star-shaped pinata, but opted to forgo the party to babysit for my nephew while my sister brought a nine-pound baby into the world without the assistance of pain medication. That's pretty selfish if you ask me.

I called her at 8-centimeters and left the following message: DUDE! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE YOUR BABY RIGHT NOW? NOW I CAN'T HAVE MY PINATA!!!! Oh, I mean JAMES CAN'T HAVE HIS PINATA!!!

Thank goodness for Sue's Ghetto Pinata instructions, or I would have just let the kids whack Jared's mid-section with the broom handle until he couldn't take it any more. And he totally hates it when I volunteer him for stuff like that.

Anywho, keep an eye on my 6-year-old nephew, Nathan. I believe he's wearing a yellow fleece jacket. I also believe that he's still in my backyard swinging recklessly at that dang yellow bag, trying like hell to get the Jolly Ranchers out.


Brad and Rebecca said...

this is why i hate living so far away!!!! I LOVE pinatas!!!!

Jess said...

Two observations:

One, why did the first two kids get to go without being blindfolded? Seems like an unfair advantage.

Two, this was last weekend? So, April, right? It looks like November in that scenery! There's no leaves out yet?

Bahston Beans said...


Katy Shamitz said...


Amy really called and left that message when I was in the worst part of labor. I loved listening to the ring of my cell phone while trying to get through a mondo contraction... and then I REALLY LOVED the message that was left. She was all huffy-like.

Pinatas are important though, so I TOTALLY understand.

TheOneTrueSue said...

I give your pinata my Slacker Mommy seal of approval.

Also, I totally love you.

The Roberts Rollercoaster RIde said...

Ok where in the heck are you guys for this 3 yr olds birthday party? The back woods of the "Blair Witch Project"? Is this what you call NE...;)
Miss you guys!! I'm just teasing you because we couldn't be there!

Grandma said...

I may go down as the only grandma who respond to her daughter's 3:30a.m. labor phone call w/ "Oh no I have the pinata in my car!" and it does look like winter there!!!

Grandma said...

p.s. check my blog to see the pinata that's now sittng around waiting for the next party!

Cheryl said...

It's a bit disappointing that Jared didn't have a hissy fit about the purple wall color. Oh well. Congratulations on your new niece, and Happy Birthday to James! Loved the ghetto pinata! :-)

Amy said...

What prompts a kid to request the blindfold?

Jillybean said...

Too funny!
Did they ever get the candy out?

Now I really have to wonder why we, as parents, would ever in our right minds, blindfold a kid, give him a big stick and tell him to swing it around until he hits something.
I wonder that every time we have a pinata for our kids parties.
I was once at a party where a whack intended for the pinata came very close to causing the father of the birthday girl to lose his ability to father more children.
Several years ago, at my son's party we had a kid hit the pinata so hard that it tore off of the rope and went sailing across the yard. I ended up tearing the pinata open, and dumping all the candy on the crowd of children.