Another Way to Waste Your Day

December 17, 2008

If you're interested in wasting a small chunk of your day, the latest episode of the Runners' Lounge podcast is up. And this one, if I do say so myself, is much better than the first. To listen to me ramble on about not-so-silent farts, Zach Morris's giant cell phone, dropping m'pants, and using terms like "get yer poop on" you can click here or search the term "Runners Lounge" in the iTune store--no worries, it's free.

Other topics covered include, but are not limited to: spitting, breakfast burritos, Jared from Subway, men in tights, drinking beer in the morning, and a little bit of running.

The podcast is thirtyish minutes from start to finish, and I'll tell you right now--it's all down hill after minute 20, when they ripped my away my microphone and forced me to bat cleanup for the remainder of recording.

If you're not up for a thirty minute podcast, at least listen to the first eleven minutes--it features me and only me. And at the very least, listen to the fifteen second introduction--once again, it's all about me. Amen.

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