Nope, That's Not a Costume

October 31, 2009

Now that James is a big brother, we've been expecting a little bit of extra help out of the kid. He's four-and-half and tall enough to reach the buttons on the washing machine--there's absolutely no reason I shouldn't be using him for everything he's worth.

One thing that James has been doing that's proven to be ultra helpful is getting himself dressed. This seemingly small gesture saves me a heck of a lot of time, and a boatload of frustration.

It also keeps life fresh and interesting.

James decided that this Spiderman tank with matching ass shorts was a perfect selection for a chilly night in Maine. Well I couldn't agree more. Besides, this pajama selection gave me a strong and happy flashback to Halloween 2007--and who doesn't want to relive that night every now and again?

Guys, in all seriousness, if you've been reading this blog for any less than two years, you really really want to click that link. And I don't link lightly.

And here's a quick peek at this morning's outfit selection. I had nothing to do with the pop of that collar:
Dude, sweet socks.

That shirt was gifted to him by my college friend. She was like, "If your mother's too uptight to buy it for you, then I will." But the real crowning touch, the one that truly spells class, is the way his camo pants refuse to button.
Oh, he picks his sister's outfits, too.


Mindy said...

Oh yes, I remember Richard Simmons well. It's one of my top favorite costumes I've ever seen.

I love the outfits James is picking out. He and my 8 year old Cooper would probably love swapping fashion tips.

Maggie looks like a little doll in that last picture. She's so adorable... can I come kiss her cheeks?

Chief said...

I will click the link.

His eyes will melt a girls heart

Grandma said...

lookin' good Jimbo! Grandma loves you! Have fun tonight! Can't believe how much you've grown since you were Richard Simmons! (or the cowboy or dragon for that matter!!

chattypatra said...

What's his costume going to be today?

Kimi said...

There is nothing quite so fashionable as a little boy. You've gotta love the color combos going on in that second outfit.

Chelsea said...

He's so grown up! Very cute.

Mary Ann said...

Love the Bumblebee-camo-pants-mismatched socks ensemble. Fabulous!!!!!

Annette said...

OMGosh! Those poses of his are cracking me up!

Anonymous said...

Love it when the kiddos start dressing themselves!!! And James is doing great!

Maggie looks oh-so-scrumptious! Love the cheeks!!!

X-Country2 said...

Excellent link. If you haven't won Mother of the Year yet, I'd move to Canada.

Jenn S. said...

At the ward party this year someone brought up James' costume in '07 and we all had a moment of silence for its awesomeness - that costume has gone down in history forever.

Chase's Moma said...

Great job James! Love the last picture! Priceless!