Change of Plans and The Retro Lunch Hour

February 9, 2011

Jared and I had a ski date planned for today. We had an insane deal on lift tickets and a babysitter all lined up. We were planning to stop along the side of the road for pee breaks, and sing to our very favorite songs from the retro morning show. You know, the music that wasn't released until after I'd lost my virginity, but now it's 'retro' because I'm so damn old? Does anyone else hate that, too?

Anyway, we were planning a totally perfect day of swishing, and laughing, and falling, and marital joy. And then we saw the weather report. Sure it's sunny and it looks really beautiful through the window, but it's also 0 degrees with a wind chill of -32 and the ski mountain.

Needless to say, there will be no skiing on this fine Wednesday.

Instead, I headed into work for two or three hours while Jared stayed home with the kids. And then this afternoon, while James is at school, I'll hang with Maggie while Jared hauls firewood across our yard and into the basement. We'll probably fight a little bit, too. And there's a dog pee spot on the carpet that I need to work on.

Maybe -32 wouldn't have been so bad? Next time we'll probably brave it.

So seriously, does the 'Retro Lunch Hour' on the local radio station make anyone else want to crawl into a casket and nail down the lid? When did Nirvana become classic rock? Why is my metabolism so sluggish? When did I get this old?


Jenny P. said...

This past Sunday, I heard a woman talking about how much she had looked forward to New Years Eve in the year 2000, and how it had been such a big deal to her. Then she said, "Of course, I was only twelve years old that year..."

Holy crap. You were 12 in 2000, and how you're a grown up?! That just makes me old. Maybe I'll find a sixteen year old and tell them about how my first cell phone was stored in a box that I kept in the glove compartment of my car that had to be plugged in to use and was as big as my entire head. I'm sure that will make me feel years younger...

Bahston Beans said...

Working with undergrads makes me feel like a relic. They just don't understand that the best way to profess your love is via a mix tape!

funderson said...

PPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTT...wait until you're "damned near 40"

Anonymous said...

I hear you. I was flipping through the stations on my way to Swampscott the other day and nearly caused an accident when I heard what was on the oldies station.

Grandma said...

Hmmm. If you're old, what does that make me?...siclol(sitting on couch laughing out loud)anyhow...we're back to cassettes...I got some for Dad for Valentine's Day...for the van:)I am sure he'd really like an 8 track player again:)hey why don't you plan your next run with your old boombox on your shoulder while you're at it...I do think it is in the basement:)