The Runs

February 21, 2011

So I have this section on the blog up there called 'The Runs.' You're supposed to send me your running questions, and I'm supposed to answer them. Except I've never answered them.

I'm about to do that right now.

I think I have five or so questions that I need to dig out of my inbox. Some of them are from a looooong time ago.

If you happen to have a question, email me really soon and I'll include yours in there, too. Otherwise, you might have to wait until 2014 for an answer.


Laura said...

What is the best way to go from zero to marathon in 4.5 weeks? I am sure you have a creative answer to this problem I am currently facing :)

Stef said...

Do you run for time or distance? I'm a beginner. Just wonderng which is best.

Jacob and Kalli Hiller said...

Why does running a mile NEVER get any easier even after doing it several times a week for 6 months? Every time it still just kills me.

Joy Through Cooking said...

After being a total slacker through the second half of my pregnancy... how and when should I gear up after the baby comes, and tell me about getting back to marathoning post-baby too :) Please!

Amy said...

What have you found to be the best way to get faster? I feel like a slacker -- I've been running for 3 years now and my time has only marginally improved, even after shedding 20 pounds. Also, why the hell does it take you so long to answer a running question? ;) Love the blog...been a lurker for ages and have listened to all the BOTR episodes!