A Straight Up Day Maker

September 16, 2011

On Wednesday, a nice man with a camera showed up to my stroller fitness class, which had a lot of the moms buzzing...Is he a pervert?...Is he a creep?

I had to tell them no, and I was very sorry to disappoint--because we all know how much a group of sixteen women loooove a slice of drama on a weekday morning. He was a local newspaper reporter, and he was nice enough to come take a few pictures of the class I was teaching.

When he introduced himself, the first thing I said--and this is absolutely not a joke--was, "Joe, I'm wearing spandex. If a butt shot makes it into the paper, it's gotta be flattering." He nodded and said he wasn't sure the pictures would make it into the paper at all. Fair enough.

This morning I signed onto the newspaper's website, and the stroller pictures were the first thing to pop up on my screen. Holy excitement! Then I found out that the pictures had also made it to the front page of the actual paper--you know, the version that nobody reads anymore?! Holy more excitement!

I had Jared buy two copies from the grocery store, and I was thrilled to see that while I was under the very important story about toilets and bleachers (big news in these parts), I was above the story about the Governor:

After looking at the article, I noticed that I'm inadvertently wearing the same headband and shirt that I was wearing when the pictures were taken on Wednesday. It could be a silly coincidence, or it could be the fact that I wear this shirt every time I'm not wearing my blue sweater (the headband matches both outfits).

Also, I'm not positive that I've washed the shirt since Wednesday. Let's assume that I have.

Happy Friday!


Morgan Hagey said...

Yay! Congratulations! That is great for you. (The article, not the shirt/headband combo...) Post a link to your article!

Karen said...

How exciting! And good advertisement for your class.

Kira said...

Amy, you are one of the most amazing people I know... it's no surprise to me that you're front page news! I'm so happy for your success :)

Grandma said...

Well, you know I'd probably buy 20 copies if I were there!

Team O'Connor said...

That's awesome! Definitely not a normal person day :)

Tari Anne said...

COOOL! Here's a link...


Michelle Glauser said...

Yeah, if we're going to admit things about clothes here, let me just say that sometimes instead of doing a load of laundry that includes just my running/soccer clothes, I'll put those same stinky clothes on the next day. Gross and lazy, I know. But only sometimes! And not when I'm going to be close enough to anyone for them to smell me.

Anyway, awesome that you're front page news. We've all known that all along.