D-U-N and a Win!

October 21, 2011

I'm done teaching seminary. If you're confused, 'seminary' is Mormon for the-class-of-ten-teenagers-that-meets-at-my-house-every-morning-from-6:10-7-to-learn-about-the-Old-Testament.

When I say, I'm done, it doesn't mean I'm having a hard time, feeling pretty overwhelmed, and may or may not want to hurl myself out the one-and-a-half story window of a raised-ranch. I'm done means that's how I felt a month ago, so I went to my Bishop, asked him for access to said window, and he told me they'd find someone new.

And today was the last day.

Now Ben DP Sue K (CES), I don't know the details, (and yes, I'm kind of avoiding your calls on purpose), but I do know that the kids showed up at my door this morning with muffins, signs, and bacon. And in my world, that's what I call one hell of a send-off party.

Typically, Mormons don't ask to be done with a job like this. They keep going, and going, and smiling, and being awesome, and faithful, and taking high blood pressure medication. But honestly, my umph was straight up gone. In the words of Dooce, "The Mormon Pioneers are not impressed."

But right now, on the record, I want to make it known that IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE STUDENTS.If James and Maggie turn out to be like any one of those kids (Christa, Emma, Thomas, Otis, Caitlynn, Corena, Chelcie, Jabob, Teearna, Shelby), I'll consider myself a raging success of a mother. They were polite, hilarious, enthusiastic, and gave me tons of compliments. I love those kids.

The reason I decided to give it up is simple: I had too many things going on at once.

I've been waking up at 3:30 or 4 (not because I try to, but because I can't help it), teaching seminary, working a professional job, coaching60+ runners, momming, selling Cub Scout popcorn, morning meetings, night meetings...you get the idea. These days, Jared works until 6:30ish at night, and I kid you not, I was going to bed at 7:45.

I really, really, REALLY started missing my husband. Kind of.

I also got tired of pounding a Red Bull at 2 o'clock every afternoon. No, actually I've been loving it too much.

I also think I had two panic attacks in a day one time. Well, I don't know much about panic attacks, but if it feels like it's 700 degrees, you're about to drive off the road, and a huge man is squeezing your heart muscle with his bare hands, that's maybe what I had.

Something had to give. Luckily, my new church-job is teaching teenage Sunday School. Same kids, once a week, normal hour, blam. So perfect it makes me wanna fart.

In more better news, I won a race two weekends ago, and FINALLY got a decent picture out of it:

Well, it's a decent picture in my world.

It was a four mile race. Two miles up Sunday River ski mountain, and two miles down with a mud pit at the end. It was really freaking fun, but really, when is a medal not fun?

I've been a ginormous, lazy ass since that race, so it's time to get back on the exercise wagon. Now that seminary is over, I want to try to make running a more regular piece of my day again. My goal is to run at least thirty minutes every day between now and Thanksgiving.

Starting tomorrow.

Oh, and I'm running a biathlon this weeked with my mom. Because running and .22ing? Heaven has officially landed on earth.


Mindy said...

Your leg muscles? Flippin' awesome. Love that pic! You rock in my book, even if you're not teaching seminary anymore. ;)

BrianFlash said...

Crap, you've stolen my idea. Biathlon was my favorite winter Olympic sport because it taught true survival skills. Teaming gun fire with running seems like the next logical step in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

Maybe my race can require a shotgun instead of a pea shooter like yours...

TheOneTrueSue said...

Love Brian's comment. Yes, Amy, you incredibly lazy, marathon winning, biathalon running slug. SLUG, I SAY.

The fact that you accepted the seminary gig in the first place definitely qualifies you for pioneer status. At LEAST junior pioneer.

Diana said...

You had to mention the Cub Scout popcorn, didn't you? Awesome job on the race. I can't imagine ever agreeing to teach the seminary in the first place (but then I'm not LDS so I can get away with telling my church - No).

Mel said...

Holy cow woman! You needed a break.

PS I love Dooce too and now I have TWO inspiring runners in my life!

Karen said...

Glad you made the decision to get out before you burnt out. Everyone has limits!

Marc and Megan said...

Okay, no joke... last night I fell asleep to thoughts of you. Creepy? Well, it wasn't... lol... I was just remembering being in Maine three years ago and how cool it was so hang out with you and Jared and James. And, wondered how you were doing. So, I was really happy to see your update.

I hope it makes you feel better to hear that I asked to be released from teaching seminary after two years, pretty much for the same reasons you listed. There's no shame in being aware of your limits and knowing your priorities. Enjoy sleeping in!

Laura said...

Congrats on the race, Amy! That's really fantastic.

ellen said...

My mom says women can do it all, just not in the same decade. You are BUSY! Enjoy sleeping in. :)

Chelsea said...

I think you are a saint for agreeing to teach teenagers every day at 6 am for as long as you did. You are my hero :).

jed-laura said...

yeah- I can hear you on the stresses of teaching seminary... and trying to balance life. It's a seriously tricky calling unless you've been blessed with the gift of being able to wake up early, teach teenagers, and knowing the scriptures inside and out....

If you have no such gifts, like me- this calling can seriously be a hard one. After having a permanent Dr. Pepper IV flowing into my veins 24 hours straight, I've considered going to ask for a release a few times. If I can make it to the end of this month- I can make it through the rest of this year.... I think.

No shame in knowing your limits. Besides, you already taught for more than a year. I'm already where you are and I've only taught a few months :)

Grandma said...

I want an air rifle now.

Michelle Glauser said...

Another mention of the leg muscles here: awesome.