I Swear I Have a Good Excuse

I know. It's been six weeks. I swear I've been really busy.

Photographic evidence:

The greatest ginormous chalk board in all of Central Maine.

A map to represent some of the far away Kennebec Valley Coachers. I still have four spots open for individual coachees if anyone's interested. $5/month blog reader discount!

You can have James if you'll come paint that trim for me. No, not joking.

The legends.

It can say OPEN, too. Get it?

Studio on the right, Jared's chiropractic office on the left. So far so good...only four screamfests over office supplies!

It's says 'Endurance Coaching for Everyday People.'

It's a group training studio. Running goups, triathlon classes, pilates, boot camps, aerobics, you name it. A work in progress, and I'm in love. If you want to stalk more closely, you can 'like' Kennebec Valley Coaching on facebook.


Kristen said...


Catherine M. said...

Beautiful! Hooray! Perfect!

Congratulations on lots more Jared sightings too :)

David said...

Absolutely the coolest "open" sign ever since the beginning of time.

Marc and Megan said...

Dude! AMY! You are awesome! You're fulfilling so many of my dreams for me. One of these days I should really try to fulfill some of them myself, I'm sure it's a little more satisfying. Way to go!!

One more thing. Either there is another Amy Lawson out there or we have mutual friends on facebook... does a comment about sexcapades ring a bell?! LOL! And, why are we not friends on facebook? We should change that.

Kirsty said...

Congratulations! You rock!

Karen said...

How exciting! Congratulations and good luck!!!

Michelle Glauser said...

I've never thought of the open/nope thing. Brilliant.

Team O'Connor said...

That's a really sweet office. I'd totally join if I lived close. You'd regret it though 'cause I'd think that my membership fees were directly related to you and the other coaches being my friend and even raising monthly dues wouldn't deter me. Luckily, you're off the hook and I get to admire and cyberstalk you from afar :) I'm glad you're loving your new job/career. Most people in this world do not love their job so you're way ahead of the game.