The Block

February 28, 2013

For the past few months, every time I sign on to facebook, I feel like my newsfeed is dominated by three distinct and separate subjects: gun control statistics that seem to have no valid sources, pictures of mischievousness kittens, and moms drinking too much wine way too early in the day.

If you know me, you know that precisely none of these things are really my bag. Now don't get me wrong, cats are cute, I actually really want a cat. I just can't believe how many cats are running through my newsfeed. I'm straight up not an internet debater, so the facebook guns are dead to me. And the moms drinking buckets of wine on weekday afternoons? It just makes me think, "I want to see a few dads post some funny sayings about how their kid's dress rehearsal left them with no choice, but to drink 30 beers on Tuesday at 1 while they were solely in charge, and see how many 'likes' that one gets."

When I sign on to facebook, I want to see pictures of my sister's kids, pictures of gross stuff that people are eating to make me feel less bad about the gross stuff that I'm eating, funny status updates from people I used to know, the occasional heart wrenching status update that makes me stop and think; I want good deals on cute boots from zulilly, and I especially want to see super unflattering pictures of my friends before they have the chance to untag themselves.

You probably feel the same way, right? Right.

So. In this modern day of not needing to unfriend people to declutter my homepage, why why WHY am I almost completely unable to block the people who keep posting cats, guns and wine? I mean, I've blocked a few people, and I know that it can absolutely be cause for social blunders. Like the time I was all, "What?! You're having heart surgery, your grandma died, and you're moving?! I can't believe I didn't know!"

Yeahhhh....didn't know because I'd checked that 'unsubscribe' button. De-amn. So I was all, "Right, yeah, I don't go on facebook much. Like ever." Even though I spend 19 hours a day right there.

Maybe that's why. Or maybe, deep down, I think cat humor is hilarious.

What do you think?


Morgan Hagey said...

I am ashamed of how humorous I find the cat stuff.


Christina Kennedy said...

I am so with you, except swap out shopping (none of the boots would fit my troll feet) for the occasional nerdy article on something interesting.

Mrs Furious said...

""I want to see a few dads post some funny sayings about how their kid's dress rehearsal left them with no choice, but to drink 30 beers on Tuesday at 1 while they were solely in charge, and see how many 'likes' that one gets.""

Mindy said...

Did you hide me? I promise I haven't posted one gun control, cat, or wine post. ;)

Mindy said...

Oh, and I put a lot of people on "only important" in my newsfeed... hoping facebook will get it right and show me anything that I really need to know. ;)

Jessie said...

No, you do not think cats are hilarious (I want one too, but sheesh, I don't want pictures of them).
I agree whole-heartedly! I went through and did that un-check thing (cursor on their name, "friend", "settings") on most of my friends so I wouldn't get their game scores or annoying political re-posts. I can't stand the "only the good people out there will repost this" thing. Gag me.
I'm in it for personal that a word? Thanks for stating my own feelings of facebook so well.

David said...


Karen said...

I just scroll, scroll, scroll until I see something worth reading. I did block one niece whose constant relationship status updates were driving me crazy, and one friend who was all ranting crazy-like during the elections.

Team O'Connor said...

I'm on your team! I have several Brazilian friends and they loooovvveeee motivational/spiritual/wierd Brazilian show quote updates. I just want to see my nieces and nephews. I thought Instagram was going to be my savior but now people are just posting annoying pictures...I want blogs to come back!

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