I'm Snoring Over Here

April 16, 2009

Can you even believe how boring I've been lately?

Yeah, me neither.

You can blame it on my brother-in-law, the really skinny one who just left on his two-year mission.

Because I'm a stellar sister-in-law (and a very lazy employee), I've been doing my best to send Bryan a letter every single day--and honestly, I give those letters my all. There's not much left over for this sorry old blog.

I know. Someone send me a martyr trophy.

Anywho...please direct your anger regarding my insane lack of creativity to Elder Bryan Lawson. It's all his fault.


X-Country2 said...

Aww, I kind of want someone to send me a letter every day. There's just something so old-timey about it.

Blaine said...

He'll be the envy of all the other missionaries. Maybe you should send him some cookies or something.

Cheryl said...

Writing every day, wow, that's dedication. If he has roommates, they're gonna think you're his girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

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