I'm Not Boring, Day 4:

September 6, 2011

I'm eating buffalo jerky for lunch.

Creepy/gross/effed up? Yes.

Boring? Definitely not.


Morgan Hagey said...

It's only creepy because I thought one was only supposed to eat jerky on road trips or when trapped in a hole 127 Hours style, but what do I know?

Bootchez said...

Only GROSS to me because jerky, though I love it dearly, gives me the worst gas ever. I think it's the nitrites? I just ate a whole BAG of it this weekend as a meal while on a backpacking trip. Thank goodness I was outside, and the effect had "worn off" by tent time.

Cheryl said...

Jerky - Yum! Although, I am now considering I might need to go vegan to avoid cancer and heart disease. (Just watched Sanjay Gupta's "The Last Heart Attack" and the trailer for Tara's post, "forksoverknives.com". Ugh. Not looking forward to the transition. I just bought of bag of teryaki flavored jerky at Walmart this weekend!

Jo said...

Wait--why aren't you wearing the signature blue sweater? Don't tell me you broke down and washed it?
Also, I hate beef jerky almost as much as tempo runs. Almost.

Chelsea said...

This is a cute picture of you! I really want beef jerky now.